Z Life: You Spin Me Right Round

Suns out buns out! Anndddd my buns rested in comfy style recently on Mission Beach thanks to my new obsession with round beach towels.

I snagged this vibrant, seemingly simple piece of fabric while meandering through Nordstrom a few months back. I recall fantasizing about carefree beachy days ahead when the pretty circle hypnotized me in the active wear department.

Wrapped-up near the register in an easy-breezy fashion, I was instantly attracted to this multi-use vacay accessory by the beach people. I decided to indulge. And I mean indulge. With a price point of $110 I asked the young customer service rep if the towel would re-apply sunscreen for me on a kid or two? Perhaps take a turn running back to the beach house for yet another snack for my youngest? I swear she muttered “so lame” through her obligatory fake laugh while ringing up my purchase.

I quickly overcame any buyer’s remorse though when I busted out my unique towel on the beach. All three of my babes’ buns easily and HAPPILY sat together on ‘the beach people’ blankey. Everyone fit! We made memories on that towel! Wanting our summer of love to never end, I soon discovered other retailers selling the kumbaya-ish, come sit with me, sand barriers.

Vessos shows a wide variety with all sorts of pretty and silly prints for approximately  $12-$15. Hamburger, pizza, and pineapple designs are available if that’s your thing.

the beach peopleOne of my all-time fave textiles designers, Marimekko, also offers bright, geometric designs through the company’s line for Target. And many are affordably priced for about $10. Why so inexpensive? The material is not as luxurious and the circle will only fit one set of buns.

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for any product named after my first-born so I’ll most likely pick up this classic, ‘Paloma’ design for our ‘Mission on Mission Beach’ vacay next year.

Im justifying my second ‘the beach people’ towel by considering my family’s buns grow a little each year.  I swear I just heard you mutter “so lame.” Salty hair don’t care! Life’s a beach and we are living it in style!