Z Life: The Scent of a Stallion

There’s a modern luxury perfume company that’s kickin’ it back to the days of opulence, pomp and circumstance and causing a stir worldwide. Parfums de Marly smells a gorgeous as it sounds and may just be the signature scent you gotta get into your life. It was certainly love at first whiff for me upon catching the perfume wafting through air near the fragrance counter at Nordstrom. And while Parfums de Marly’s hypnotizing fragrances are definitely a hit, it’s the company’s brand story that’s heating things up in all the right places around the globe.

Founded in Paris in 2009, Parfums de Marly was developed as a nod to King Louis the XV and the splendor of the King’s reign during the XVIIIth century. The King was a lover of beautiful scents and had perfumes created continually for pleasure. Another pleasure and love he devoted his life to was breeding racehorses.

King Louis’ majestic horses were well cared for at Château de Marly in Paris hence, the perfume company’s name, celebrating the King’s obsession for finer things. Smart. And the clever branding continues… Parfums de Marly’s throwback to models in full XVIIIth century garb and intricate bottle designs catapults the brand recognition thing to a whole new level.

I recently spent some time with Parfums de Marly’s brand ambassador who proudly showed off the company’s wares and shared more about the super lux brand.

The perfume line offerings include men’s/unisex and women’s scents. The company also produces a selection of luxury candles. The bottles are gorgeous with understated yet sophisticated design elements. Masculine, dark and shiny hues set the men’s/unisex fragrances apart from the feminine monochromatic softer colors of the women’s selection. Playful tassels and horses’ silhouettes add a nice styling touch, while ‘Parfums de Marly’ subtly etched on the front of the bottle gently harkens back to an era unlike the present. The names of the scents are quite brilliant, including well known equine monikers and aristocratic heritage connected to thoroughbred history such as Godolphin, Pegasus and Delina.

And the scents? Trifecta all the way. The feminine fragrances have floral undertones that didn’t overpower my senses. I loved the mix of rose and lily set by a strong base of vanilla and sometimes a woodsy musk. The men’s line is strong, reminiscent of a stallion. Just kidding. I was definitely drawn more toward the hints of sandalwood and amber in the unisex scents.  Apparently, I’m on point with my favorite Parfums de Marly picks, the brand ambassador shared that the company’s men’s line is the number one selling scent for Nordstrom stores nationwide. Neigh, baby!

As for the price point for the modern-day champion of perfumes… I suggest gathering your winnings at the track before purchasing a bottle or two. Individual fragrances retail for $290 regardless of quantity. Men’s/unisex bottles are 125 milliliters while the women’s bottles contain 75 ml according to product information on the company website. The home fragrance candles are $130 and sample packs of feminine and masculine scents are $27 online. Alas, luxury made attainable for one and all.

Available in fine retailers around the world, it’s fair to say Parfums de Marly is off to the races with its blend of high fashion, alluring fragrances, and compelling brand story. With each spritz of my fave new fragrance I find myself daydreaming about what went down at Château de Marly back in the day. I imagine a time of sophisticated debauchery, complete with aphrodisiac-esque scents and corsets galore. Well done King Louis, well done. Now that’s the way to keep your spirit alive way past your prime. What a stud.