Z Life: Nip Tuck and Suit Me Up


Conjures up a delightful image, doesn’t he? I admit to lingering longer on all things Beckham throughout the years. From paparazzi snaps to his Insta, I take pause when the former professional footballer appears before me. I am particularly drawn to his H&M endorsements—he’s quite the method actor. That Brit is polished and confident from any angle—a modern blend of charm and swagger as he flashes his coy, smirky smile. I imagine Beckham is a stellar, hands-on father, and supportive husband to his famous wife as well.

Are you embarrassed for me yet? Is my blatant fangirling over my celebrity crush a bit much? Fine. But don’t you worry, my husband is down. My hubs is well aware that my interest in Mr. B is based purely on his consistently pulled-together, walkin’ on sunshine STYLE. Truth!

As a fashion enthusiast, I often speak of my interpretation of The Beckham Effect. To me, Beckham is style underscored. My people know that I am smitten with the dapper gent (mostly) because he wears it well. Strip away (come on, now) the hair, the ink, the scruff, and he still has it—doesn’t matter if Beckham is photographed in his street clothes or Bespoke suits, everything looks good on him. Beckham has that je ne sais quoi, that consistent fits-just-right, notice-me demeanor which I’m happy to point out is not reserved for superstar status only. (Yes, jackpot genes are a thing but let’s not get caught up in details.) You recognize it too—be it a colleague, a barista, your child’s teacher—I’m talking about those head-turners who radiate fabulosity in every outfit they sport. Regular, stunning citizens who don their threads like a boss. What’s their magic? How do they consistently Bend It Like Beckham (tell me you saw that coming) when it comes to their style? Here’s the not so secret, secret: it’s all about the nip and tuck. As in, who’s your tailor?

Tailoring ready-to-wear clothes isn’t anything new. The “secret to looking fine all the time” is discussed by fashion bloggers, fashion/style experts, designers and more, across a myriad of media platforms. The overall consensus is that most Americans have closets full of ill-fitting clothing and an expert tailor is the remedy. Nipping and tucking is worth the investment if you want to transform your garments from drab to fab.

Feeling inspired about upcoming Phoenix Fashion Week and imminent fall styles, my husband and I visited a Valley favorite, Brothers Tailors, to nip-tuck a few of my ready-to-wear purchases. I started chatting it up with personal stylist and clothier expert, Mary Zarob, about the underutilized practice of tailoring. Zarob broke it down like this, “Americans can’t buy clothes off the rack and expect them to fit perfectly. Simple alterations can flatter your body.” Zarob said, “Investing in some of your clothes is better in the long run versus trying to find the most perfect pair of jeans.”

Brothers TailorsZarob told me that jackets, jeans, and dress shirts are key garments people commonly adjust. Removing fullness in shirts and jackets and shortening sleeves make a significant difference to clothes purchased off-the-rack. Tailors maximize the positive—showcasing curves in all the right places—and minimize as needed. Those head-turners? They know that fit is king. Zarob explained from tee-shirts to casual shorts, some tailor it all up. Accentuating the individuality of a client’s shape in clothing is a skillful art and tailors make it a fashion reality, celebrity or not.

Tailoring prices vary according to item. At Brothers Tailors, pant hems begin at $12 and go up from there; $20 is the baseline for dresses; suit tailoring begins at $30. All tailoring prices vary depending on the garment.

While Zarob and I were geeking out about venting and tapering my husband was creating his own magic in the suit department. Family owned, Brothers Tailors is known for bespoke, made-to-measure, and ready-made men’s suits. Custom shirts, shoes and accessories round out the men’s offerings. With a nod toward European design, custom shirts begin at $150 while a custom suit starts at $895 and options are limitless.  Infusing personality or keeping it simple while customizing is up to the client. The process is straight forward with experts like Zarob assisting throughout from design to delivery (in-store). I asked Zarob about what is currently trending for men’s fall fashion. She told me slim looks and pants with cuffs are in; pocket squares are popular; patterns and textures for suits and pants are hot; and anything blue, teal, or berry in color goes.pic-4

pic-3My husband purchased a patterned sports coat and a new suit. I can’t wait to see both after Brothers Tailors fit him to perfection… Beckham who??

Soon temps will drop and pants (pantsuits for me), jackets (hello, faux fur), and long sleeves (FRAME’s Victoria blouses are to die for) will overcome the Valley fashion scene. If you are considering tailoring it up, now is the perfect time to give it a try. Get out there and make heads turn! You are only a nip-tuck away.