Z Life: MAKE it UP as you go

What’s creamy, makes you feel pretty, and is too good to be true?

Need some help? Try this: What comes in a lovely bottle, matches your skin tone to perfection and (here’s the twist) you can sleep in it!

If you guessed foundation but quickly doubted yourself because, ewww! Who sleeps in their makeup?! You are correct! (And a judgy smarty-pants who apparently listens to mama). True, sleeping with your “face on” seems gross (and yet alluring after 1 a.m.) however, move over Maybelline— there’s a new “B” in town. As in, Tami “B.” Custom Makeup and per the line’s founder, the formulas are pure enough to sleep in.


Since 2012 to date, Tamara Bickley has worked as a certified professional makeup artist (MUA) enhancing and creating looks for clients across Arizona and beyond. Like most professionals, Tamara mixes various colors and brands of makeup elements (foundation, concealer, shadows) to achieve the “perfect match” for clients while on job sites. It’s a common practice that skilled MUAs do well, and a specialty that Tamara has mastered through the years.

In 2014 Tamara recognized a hole in the industry space she was quickly mastering.  She realized that men and women are limited to makeup colors and ingredients offered in the marketplace. Mixing and matching like a pro to find the most complimentary shade(s) simply does not happen for amateurs at home. 

Tamara felt there had to be a better, more modern approach to meet makeup/skincare needs for individuals. That’s when the MUA heeded the proverbial “opportunity knocking” sign and launched her skincare makeup line, Tami B. Custom Makeup. Tami B Custom MakeupProducts include: foundations, concealers, color correctors, cheek tints and more and range in price from $20 to $60.  Customized primarily by color and ingredients, Tamara states her makeup is individually matched and improves skin. 

The made-for-you products include “good stuff” based on preference: sunscreen, anti-aging elements, hydrating magic—the list goes on. To top it all off, Tami B. Custom Makeup is free of: fragrances, parabens, talc, phthalates, and other yuckies that don’t belong on skin. No products are tested on animals and all ingredients are non-comedogenic. Who knew foundation and blush could do so much? When you’re ready to wipe away all the goodness, Tamara recommends The Makeup Eraser.  Priced at $20, the MUA says it’s a must-have.

unnamed-22By now you may be thinking this all sounds too good to be true. I get it. To learn more about Tami B. products and the customization process, I invited Tamara to IM360’s Biltmore studio and experienced a color matching session firsthand. The verdict? I’m a believer! And bonus— with Christmas and Hanukkah quickly approaching, I asked Tamara to also share trends and easy how-to tips on makeup application for holiday festivities. You can check it out here. Remember, practice makes perfect—and if that won’t do, you can always book the MUA for a private.

It’s the last year of the month— celebrate in customized style! Ditch your old makeup, stay out past 1 a.m. and sleep with your (Tami B.) makeup on.  Santa won’t mind— naughty is the new nice.