Z Life: Little but Mighty

What do you get when you combine a socially conscious, fashion forward wild child with a creative, values-driven hippy chick? Yes, crazy GNO escapades is a given but let’s think beyond the obvious. What if we add equal parts entrepreneurial spirit, mama-bear lovin’ tendencies and a penchant for trendy threads? For two fearless mamas, the concoction became the perfect blend for launching their dream, Little Activists, a deliciously stylish clothing line for kids that spreads positivity, acceptance and kindness.

Developed by Tia Clarisa and Kim Lieb, Little Activists is literally the result of a dream to empower children to think, embrace the world around them and consider others when making decisions. As owners and partners in a PR agency, branding and marketing came easy to the powerhouse working moms. Filled with courage and the desire to do their part to make the world a better place for all, Tia and Kim acted on the dream to help children wear their hearts on their sleeves (and chests) ala Little Activists. 

When I interviewed Tia via tel in her Atlanta home office, it was easy to sense her passion and happiness for kids and the world we all live in. She told me the vision for the clothing line is to instill values for children through strong messaging, in a way that kids can understand. Recognizing positive vibes on threads isn’t a new thing, she and Kim approached their design truly through a child’s point of view. Incorporating children during their market research and soft launch phase was important to the wild child and hippy chick and led to a differentiation for their brand in an otherwise saturated retail world. In January 2017, Tia and Kim knew it was time and ‘went live,’ launching Little Activists online featuring onesies, tee-shirts and accessories with quippy sayings and messaging for infants to adults. The collection includes organic options and cuts to flatter a variety of shapes and sizes. Prices are affordable, averaging approximately $25 per item. The X factor for Little Activists’ merch is clearly the well thought-out, positive messaging. My personal favorite: NO Stereotypes. So clever, right? Tia told me hot sellers tend to be pro-environment like: Respect Your Mother and along that theme, how adorable is the: It’s Time Tu Tu Change The World tutu? Not naming names, but I know a mom who briefly considered adding to her tribe because of that tutu. She tends to be a bit impulsive and has a thing for fashion. Additionally, her name starts with a ‘Z’ and she apparently needs to work on her ‘not naming names’ game.

In addition to creating a cool, trendy clothing line that spreads positivity and embraces kindness, incorporating a charitable component into their new biz was paramount for Little Activists’ founders. Project aWEARness is the company’s fashion program available to groups, charities, businesses etc. looking to raise funds for a cause through t-shirt design sales. Project aWEARness came to light when a celebrity reached out to Tia and Kim inquiring about designing and selling a onesie for a charity dear to her heart but didn’t know where to start. Tia and Kim said, “we got you!” and went to work on developing a platform that supports the process for designing apparel for a cause, while handling all the back-end details, soup to nuts. Here’s how it works: In collaboration with the client, Little Activists creates the graphic design, sets up a point of sale webpage, handles the commerce, and cuts a check from sales collected directly to the charity. One hundred percent of funds raised goes to the client’s cause. The end. Easy and brilliant. It’s Tia and Kim’s way of using their talents to make the world a better place, and they are doing it in style. Little Activists accepts applications for its giving program online at Little Activists and the magic unfolds from there.

In addition to running their stylish do-good fashion company, Tia and Kim are busy raising families in their perspective cities, Atlanta and Chicago, while managing the public relations firm they own. Total #momboss. Their fashion company is truly a labor of love. So what’s up next for Little Activists? The founders tell me styles specifically for teenagers tops the list along with a variety of accessories for a range of ages. Also in the works, retail partnerships nationwide.

Taking on a dream that combines kindness, acceptance, children, and fashion is a full-time PLUS job for Tia and Kim. And they love it. Brava, wild child and hippie chick! Can’t wait to see what you dream up next! Keep an eye out for Little Activists designs in a store near you soon!