Z Life: Hurts So Good

There is less than a week left to huddle together with my family in front of the telly, and marvel at the athleticism unfolding during the 2016 Summer Olympics. As we all watch – we also marvel at the intrinsic character traits of the competitors – transforming our viewing time each evening into teachable moments for my children. I know, I’m such a good mommy.

I say encouraging phrases out loud hoping to penetrate my kids’ psyche, making a positive difference in their lives.  “Wow, China’s Shi Tingmao is one dedicated woman!”Usain Bolt persevered to achieve his goals!” and, “Isn’t Yusra Mardini’s courage amazing?!”

What my kids do not hear is the additional dialogue in my head that goes something like this: “OH MY GAWD– look at her abs!”  “How is that bum even real?” and, “Damn Daniele – those legs are sculpted to perfection!” I know, I’m such a bad mommy.

But, I can’t help it. At times it’s impossible to not notice and compare. Feeling fit and healthy is a priority for me– but I won’t deny – a lean tummy and defined deltoids are pretty fantastic too.

Enter The Body Lab.  With my sights set to visually compare myself to the athletes in Tokyo come 2020,  I’m prepping now by hitting up The Body Lab’s Pilates-esque, intense workout regime double-time. Led by instructors trained in the Lagree FitnessTM method, each 50-minute class takes place on a MegaFormerTM machine. The MegaFormerTM consists of pulleys, cables, and varying tension elements to provide resistance and counter-resistance inducing slow and controlled movements. Extremely fit and motivating Lagree FitnessTM certified instructors call out positions with a four-count enabling students to move through each exercise methodically, providing peak muscle contraction with zero impact.

The Body LabSo, what does that mean? Pure gold! The Body Lab method tones and elongates muscles. It promotes postural alignment, burns fat, and increases flexibility (to some degree). For me that translates to a stronger gluteus maximus, a solid core, endurance, and swear words I didn’t know I had in my language bank. Honestly, it is the most challenging and humbling strength exercise I have experienced. With the help of good tunes and humor from master instructor, Adam, I somehow make it through the class several times a week.

There are two Body Lab locations in Arizona. One in Arcadia and the other in north Scottsdale. Paul Green, The Body Lab owner, opened the Lagree FitnessTM Studios after playing college football at USC and seven years in the NFL. Motivated to stay in peak physical form after his football career ended, Green experienced a Lagree method class and was hooked. It was just the inspiration he needed to bring the concept to the Valley six years ago – and plans to open additional Body Lab studios throughout metro-Phoenix.

As Rio 2016 comes to a close, I vow to keep the spirit of the Olympic Games alive by continuing to train where it hurts so good. I too, encourage your inner-athlete to be dedicated to your health, persevere in your quest for fitness, be courageous and try The Body Lab.

If my teachable moment is making you flex your abs, similar to a gag reflex, just ignore it and go anyway – your first class is free.