Z Life: Clean It Up

Skin LaundryIt’s all about the package.

Seriously – get your mind out of the gutter– I’m talking about Skin Laundry where skin care packages are the way to go for affordable, clean, healthy, younger looking skin.

There’s only one Skin Laundry in AZ, and it’s located at the Scottsdale Quarter. Basically in my back yard and yet admittedly, I have walked by the storefront at the Quarter multiple times. I recall thinking, I’m good, don’t need a facial until I read “affordable laser treatments” on the boutique’s window. In I went and this is why I’m a fan:

The facial (it’s not really a facial, it’s just code for the entire laser treatment process) is quick, about 10 minutes. After a speedy physical wiping/cleansing, a medical professional uses a YAG Laser & Light technology that penetrates my skin to deeply clean, tighten, and brighten. It’s two parts – one laser pulses the entire facial area (neck and chest are add-ons) ­– and the other provides IPL (Intense Pulse Light) to reduce redness and even out skin tone. Sunscreen is applied and I’m on my way. The treatment doesn’t hurt (mild sensation) and isn’t med-spa pricey. I leave with no marks or recovery time to heed. Overall I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

With a myriad of results due to treatment listed at skinlaundry.com I am most interested in the anti-aging benefits, and the overall evenness of skin tone. But you do you, boo.

skin2Back to the package. Seriously (smh), the experts at Skin Laundry say consistency is key for best results. Packages range from single facials at $65 to a $400 deal that provides 10 visits a month. Personally, I need just two facials a month at $110. I don’t mean to brag. There are all sorts of potions and lotions sold by the boutique as well – and they smell yummy. Be sure to read-up on whether you are a candidate for the facials before proceeding. I’m not prego. For sure no longer breast-feeding (I just felt a pang of sadness). No spray tan or blood thinners for me. All good!

Overall, I feel like Skin Laundry isn’t spinning anything revolutionary. It’s just laser treatment simplified. I like the idea of being in the maintaining camp. I’m not doing anything drastic– a quickie and on I go with life.

Stay clean my friends.