Two Arizona Moms Find Big Blog Success

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“There is something special about you, you just have to figure it out.”  

Lisa Glowacka is on a journey to evolve, both as a mother, and as a businesswoman.

The mom of three who graduated from ASU has a background as a financial planner.  But several years ago, she began paying attention to the booming world of “mom blogs”.

She ended up finding a like-minded partner in former real-estate agent Michelle Alexander who moved from San Diego to Chandler for her husband’s career.

The two teamed up to create East Valley Moms Blog, an extension of the popular City Moms Blog franchise.

The biggest misconception, says Alexander, is “that we are mommy bloggers and not entrepreneurs who own a website.”

After what the women say was a slow start, this year the website started to really to take off.

Alexander and Glowacka knew one thing to be true and that is “all moms can relate to each other” in some way.  That’s the premise for everything they do on the site from product reviews, to health and fitness tips, recipes to personal stories shared by moms.  Everyone is just trying to find a way to find balance and live their best life.

“You can have your stability and also have your dreams,” Glowacka says.