Empowering Women: An Interview with Two Leaders Who Shattered The Glass Ceiling

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“Charm, communication and respect — showing people respect —  just changes the atmosphere so dramatically,” says Debora Black, Chief of Police in Glendale, Arizona.

Black defied the odds to get where she is today.  She came up in a male dominated industry and rose up the ranks in a way that was unexpected — at least to her.

“When I was in fourth grade this didn’t exist,” Black says.  “You did not see a woman in uniform.  When I graduated the academy you didn’t see a woman in a leadership position.  I think it is important that we are visible and approachable.”

Black was only the second woman in the Phoenix Police Department to ever be promoted to Assistant Chief.  Nationally fewer than 2% of police agencies are led by women.

This week Black joins a panel of empowered and accomplished leaders at The YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix Women’s Empowerment Series.

“Our entire goal is to get the word out about fabulous women in our community, in our nation, and really across the world that are doing work that is so impactful,”  says Regina Edwards, CEO of the YWCA Phoenix.

The organization’s mission is to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.  

In this most recent empowerment series, the focus is on “Women who Keep Us Safe”.

Chief Black talks in this episode of Carey Pena Reports about what it was like to swim against the tide while maintaining a sense of who she is as a person.  She also shares insight into what it is like today being a police officer when the public turns against you.  

Through it all, she says she is empowered by doing what she loves.

“Peace, purpose and passion,” Black shares.  “It’s there.  Just dig for it, nurture it and empower it.”  

For more on the Empowerment Series you can visit http://ywcaaz.org/womens-empowerment-series