Where The Jobs Are! Arizona Tech Industry Booms

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“Tech jobs pay more than other types of jobs.”

Steve Zylstra, President and CEO of Arizona Technology Council says there is a huge upside for millennials – especially young women – to get into tech.  Now.  

Zylstra points to Intel as an example.  The company has about 11,000 employees in Arizona, and the average compensation, he says, is $131,000.  

“We did a study of about 171 technology companies in the state and they want experienced people who are going to hit the ground running.  They can’t afford the training required to get new graduates up to speed.”  

The tech industry in the desert is booming.  But tech employees with work experience won’t go just anywhere for a job.  Why would they?   They have options.  Beyond Silicon Valley, cities on the rise like Phoenix and Austin, Texas are competing for talent.  

Tech companies tend to be diverse by nature, and a lot of people who work in this industry, Zylstra says, want to work for a company with heart — and a cause.  

The Arizona Tech Council is putting heavy focus right now on trying to close the IT gap.  Zylstra recently joined the government backed “Communities That Work” partnership.  This will allow the Department of Labor, The Department of Commerce and The Aspen Institute (an International nonprofit dedicated to fostering enlightened leadership and open-minded dialogue) to help accelerate solutions.   Basically the best minds in the country will be working to try to solve problems for Arizona and the other communities and states that have opted in.  

For Arizona, the problem is matching fast growing IT demand with a supply of highly qualified tech employees who want to grow their careers in the desert.   

“Women have as much capability as men in the STEM fields, and for a long time it hasn’t been sexy for girls to go into sciences.”  Zylstra says.   But that is changing.  

A great career, high pay, and a super cool, non-suffocating work environment.  What could be sexier?  

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