Use Adversity To Make You Better with Tony Felice

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“Starve the ego feed the soul.” Tony Felice says.

Tony Felice is an expert on how to build a better brand and is the Founder of a Phoenix based Brand and Marketing Firm, Felice and Whitney. Before becoming a huge success Felice had an unexpected battle with a health mystery that nearly took his life.

Felice was diagnosed with Lyme disease after a two year struggle of specialist doctors telling him there was nothing wrong with him. He battled with depression, weight problems and even thoughts of suicide.

“To the point where your convincing yourself to hang on for the next moment, not the next day but the next moment.” Felice says.

When Felice finally received his diagnosis of Lyme disease he felt a wave of relief. With this disease, he still has symptoms but now he has an answer.

“What you put your attention on, it grows.” Felice says.

Felice says his medical condition was a gift because it pushed him to grow. He took a hardship in his life and manifested it into something amazing.

His firm, Felice and Whitney focuses on Authentic brand building, which means telling the truth.

“If you have courage and compassion, then you’re going to go real far.” Felice says.

Felice explains if you are going to have courage and compassion, you have to push your ego way down. People need to identify their “why”. People need to have that reason why they are doing something.

Personal brand building is also very important at Felice and Whitney because it shows what kind of person you are and what mark you will leave on the world. Felice focuses on personal brand building by staying true to your own life. Social media is very important and can show a lot about a person and their personal brand.

“Understand who your audience is, so your more impactful, be true to who it is that you are and be mindful of that everywhere especially online.” Felice says.

If you have symptoms of Lyme Disease please go to