Unlock Congress with Campaign Manager and Political Strategist Turned Author, Michael Golden

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Michael GoldeMichael Golden and Bookn is a former TV news guy, turned campaign manager who says he is fed up with the system — and he knows the system very well.  He has worked on the inside with some high profile people.  

“I have seen politicians through a few different prisms, I’ve worked with them, for them and covered them.  I’m not one of those people who thinks they are all buffoons,” Golden told us from his office in Chicago.  

Trouble is, the system is so clogged up it is difficult for them to do even things that are common sense.   

Golden gets to the point in this book with 4 or 5 “defects” that he believes need to be fixed.

Money and influence. “All of this corruption, if you will, it’s not illegal, it’s legal and actually it’s encouraged,” Golden talks about the millionaires and billionaires who, in his view, are just flat out buying elections.  “400 families, I believe, in the country are responsible for 50% of the Super Pac money in this election cycle.”

Get off the hamster wheel.  Golden would like to see Congressional terms extended to four years.  “They don’t have the time to study (issues) or trust each other in the way they should.”  Not to mention, they are always on the hunt for money, he says, referring to it as a “pride swallowing” activity they have to go through every single day.

“Congress is obligated to do things on our behalf,” Golden says, “and if 93% of us don’t have confidence, we’ve got to help them reform the rules.”