Treat Your Body Like A Ferrari with Kevin Shepard, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

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Kevin Shepard Training“I like to compare it to wealth accumulation.  There is no one way that a person can accumulate large amounts of wealth at one time.  It takes time.  The same with a weight loss program.  If you have gained weight over many, many years, the way to loose that is to take some time.  But people get on an emotional response to losing quickly.”

Kevin Shepard is a former athlete turned trainer and nutritionist.  He believes fad diets — all of them — are a mistake.  Instead, Shepard encourages clients to make lifestyle changes to lose weight and keep it off.

He says sleep is the single most important part of the health and wellness equation.  Figure out what amount of sleep allows you to function at the highest level — if possible, 8 hours.

Here are Shepard’s other top tips:

-Watch your sugar intake: Men should eat no more than 25 grams.  Women should eat more than 16 grams.

-Focus on breakfast.  He recommends oatmeal because it fills you up and gives you energy.

-For a mid-day snack, eat fresh fruit (no more than 4 ounces).  

-At lunch have a salad and/or lean protein.  

-In the mid-afternoon have a snack!  Try raw nuts, boiled eggs, a protein shake or another 4 ounces of fruit.  

-At dinner time, Shepard says eat something reasonable and pay attention to portion size. After dinner, he emphasizes, the kitchen is closed.  Do not enter.  This is where so many people stumble when it comes to weight loss and gain.

Shepard says we need to take responsibility for how we fuel our bodies.  “You eat disease.  So either you eat foods that boost your immune system and fend off disease or you eat foods which can break down your immune system and allow the disease to grow.”   

He is a very busy trainer and nutrition coach in Scottsdale, Arizona.  His star client is a woman named LA Kowall.  She was diagnosed a decade ago ago with ALS and told to go home and “rest her body”.  She refused.  In fact, she did the opposite.     

LA told Kevin she wanted to “move before she dies”.  What the two found out was how much she could accomplish by going beyond the limits.  “Her disease tries to keep her from moving her body and I say push it,” Shepard says.  (see LA’s story here ))

LA has an all terrain wheelchair and on the days when she is not in the gym, she is with Shepard on the hiking trails.  He tells her, and all of his clients, “The body is a perpetual motion machine that needs to be moved on a regular basis.”  

No excuses.  Take action.