Transgender Teen Takes His Own Life: Letitia Frye Dances In His Honor

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“There are different kinds of fear. When you are terrified to do something out of your comfort zone, that is an indicator of growth.” Celebrity Auctiontainer and LGBTQ advocate, Letitia Frye, discusses her recent tragedy and how it drove her to go outside her comfort zone to dance with One n Ten at their upcoming event.

Letitia is dancing in honor of a 17-year-old whose life ended way too soon.

Letitia met her fiance, Mark Holland, in 2017.

Frye and Holland each have two children, and she talks about their interesting first date and how one of Holland’s initial concerns was her acceptance for his transgender son, Aksel.  Frey says she knew, at that moment, he was the one for her.

By the age of 17, and with the complete support of his family, Aksel had undergone gender transformation and was legally considered a male in the state of California.

Frye explains the joy and passion that Aksel brought not only her life, but to everyone else who knew and loved him. Frye says Aksel always wanted to “right the wrongs in the world … he wanted to be a voice to the voiceless.”

Then on April 10th, 2018, tragedy struck Letitia Frye’s new blended family. Aksel, at the tender age of 17, had taken his own life.

Frye shares the note Aksel left explaining the demons he struggled with. Even with the help he had received in the past, and the ongoing support of his family, the daily battles were too much. Aksel’s note expressed love for his family and that his unhappiness was no one’s fault, but that his life was just too difficult, too painful.

Today, Letitia Frye strives to avoid the tragedy her family experienced with Aksel.  She is very present in the LGBTQ community volunteering with One n Ten, and going ‘out of her comfort zone’ participating in its ball room dancing event.

“We are dancing for Aksel; we are dancing with a primary emphasis on support for transgender youth, but for One n Ten in general.”

She explains that One n Ten is both a support system and leadership development organization designed to help our LGBTQ youth, ages 10 through age 25, through education, mental health, and the arts. They have the largest gay camp for youth located in Prescott, Arizona. ‘This organization is a base where all youth can come and participate in support groups if they are struggling with, or know someone who is struggling with, figuring out his or her sexuality. One n Ten is about being celebratory of our similarities,” Frye says.

Letitia Frye wants people to hear Aksel’s story and not to judge. She goes on to say, “I think the one thing I’d hope, for anyone who comes across a child or youth that’s different in any capacity, please don’t judge … if you do know that they are transgender, or perhaps have had a situation where they’ve decided that they have different identity, either sexually or just how they feel as a human being, be in acceptance of that because that key word in there is, ‘human being’ … the world needs more Aksels.”