Transformation Tuesday – 8 Areas of Growth To Live An Extraordinary Life

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“Life is a transformation, if we aren’t constantly expanding and growing, we are dying.”

Master Life Coach Luke Kayyem breaks down the 8 AREAS OF GROWTH TO LIVE AND EXTRAORDINARY LIFE.

After losing his mom unexpectedly to a stroke (and walking in to find her), Kayyem had to deal with his own transformation. “I’m not worried about tomorrow because I’m in check,” Kayyem says in our exclusive interview. “I’ve transformed.”

Now he’s not only living and just getting by, but he is helping to give other people life. Kayyem spends his days living his VISION and teaching others how to do the same.

Hired by big companies to help their employees create action plans, Kayyem tells us, “People hire coaches to get better and improve. Why? Because they hold you to accountability. You put skin in the game, you put money down and now you are invested in your growth. Investing in your growth is by far the most important investment you can have.”

In this episode, we help you invest in yourself by moving past the excuses.

-Ego is the enemy.
-The most important decision you can make each and every day is what you do with your time.
-Stop asking yourself the wrong questions. Replace them with the right questions.