Transform and Awaken Greatness With Your Mind

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This show is all about shifting our perspective and gaining mental strength.

It’s a choice every day how we show up. From the moment you wake up, that story is being written for who you are.

In this episode, well known speaker and coach Darleen Santore tells us the ways we can transform mentally and awaken greatness. This is how she works with her own clients to help them reach peak performance.

“The greatest thing you can do is hold yourself accountable. It’s emotional intelligence,” says Santore. “It’s a choice every day how we show up. Show up and make a difference.”

Santore shares with us the same lessons she shares with her clients from around the country:

  1. Identify what is important
  2. Mentally cleanse
  3. Think about what you are grateful for
  4. Do what you are called to do
  5. Get on the other side of fear.

Darleen gets specific about how we work through each of these steps.

Also, she talks about the vital importance of:

(1) Meditation
The research is abundant on meditation and the benefits of it. It allows you to show up in a calmer healthier state.
(2) Music
It can change your state and allow you to feel joy, laughter. Feel when you are your peak state and go with it.

This episode is totally focused on helping you get to your peak mental state.


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