The Opportunistic Travelers: Phoenix Couple Turns Travel Into a Full-Time Gig

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“When something looks interesting on the horizon, I want to check it out.”  

Evo Terra, a well known digital strategist, speaker and podcaster wanted to see what life was like as a world traveler.  He and his wife, Sheila Dee, made the decision in late 2014 to sell just about everything — including their house — and hit the road.

They describe the journey as both amazing and complicated.  

“Our entire lives, for all of 2015, were in two suitcases that we brought with us.  You are literally packing up your life.”  

The two started documenting their journey on the site, The Opportunistic Travelers.

Terra, with a long background in digital strategy and content marketing, says he is easily bored.  He realized this early on in his career when he found himself restless and unhappy with his job.  At the time, Terra says, he worried about walking away because he was working for a great company. When he asked for advice, one of his mentors told him not to worry because “there are lots of great companies out there.”  Those words stuck with Terra who realized that being adventurous and innovative was paramount.  

He is lucky enough to share a partner in life that has “itchy feet”.

At first, the couple considered this adventure a sabbatical, not necessarily a way to make money.  But when you are an entrepreneur, you find ways to create opportunity.  Evo Terra and Dee are now telling their story — blogging and podcasting — on behalf of others in the tourism and travel industry who are looking for exposure.  

“When you need to reach people with a message, whether you are a large brand, a blogger, or a presidential candidate, people want to be entertained, but also want a good quality story,” Terra says.  “Do you have a story worth telling?”

Terra and Dee sure do.  It’s a story that continues to unfold as they make Bangkok, Thailand their home for 2016.  

Dee, a professor and photographer, shares her husband’s sense of adventure and willingness to let life unfold without a roadmap.  

While the couple enjoyed living in Phoenix, Arizona for 18 years, they say they don’t miss their house, or any of their “stuff”.  Terra and Dee realized there was so much of the world they hadn’t seen.  After their son graduated from college, opportunity to explore the unknown presented itself.

“We are not very risk averse people.  We just want to experience more things.”