The Making of a Music Star with Austin Burke

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Rising country music star and fifth generation local Arizona boy, Austin Burke, has overcome some hard times. His dreams are finally coming true. An up and coming new artist in Nashville, he recently signed with the William Morris Agency.

Burke and his family struggled with financial issues when he was younger. His father, Shawn Burke, says they were just living day to day after his business got caught up in the real estate mortgage crisis. As the years continued, everything was taken away but their family.

“It was tough to see my dad so down and my family so down,” Austin Burke says. “I really found music in that moment and in that time. I started writing songs that meant a lot to me and that was sort of a way for me to let out how I felt.”

Music became Burke’s outlet.

During that time, he spent time in his room just writing songs and learning to play the guitar. Burke says he didn’t realize how bad things really were for his family, he just appreciated the little things. He says living in a small house with his family were some of his best memories.

At just 4 years old Burke sang the National Anthem at major sporting events and performed at Country Thunder. His father was always there by his side.

When he was ten, Burke decided to leave music for baseball, again with his father’s blessing and support.
“My generation, we’re dreamers.” Burke says. “My parents always allowed me to dream and whatever it was, they always supported me in that.”

Austin Burke finally made his way back to music moving to Nashville when he was 19.

While working at a high end restaurant, he focused on writing music and making connections. Burke successfully created a community that would support him and says, “I’ve always been in it for the long run, I’ve never wanted this instantly because I know that’s not realistic.”

His patience paid off when the executives and music connections he had cultivated got his music on Sirius XM and Spotify.

Austin Burke’s single “Sleepin’ Around” has now received over one million streams. Still he remains humble, and is grateful for all that has happened.

His life journey has allowed Burke to cross paths with some famous country music stars. He first met Garth Brooks at a Padres game at age 4, and then the two met again at his restaurant in Nashville. Burke was amazed when Garth Brooks not only remembered meeting him but he remembered it was in Peoria, Arizona in 1998.

As Burke’s music career rises, he keeps it real and says, “I love God, love my family and love music, in that order. I am just a normal guy with a dream and if I can do it others can too”.

Austin Burke learned his life lessons of love and acceptance from his Dad.

“I feel so blessed to have these tools God has given to me. I’m waking up every day and loving what I do. To me, I am successful because of that.”

Once again, Burke is back in Arizona to play at Country Thunder. His music career now coming full circle.