The Exercise Coach: A Health Comeback Journey

Amanda Coe, owner of Exercise coach, discusses her diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis and how it helped her change her lifestyle for the better. According to Amanda, Ulcerative Colitis is an autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease. It has the ability to prevent you from living your life and can even rid you of your freedom to leave your home.

Amanda states that she spent well over a year at home, suffering both physically and mentally. She discusses how the disease is not only painful, but also embarrassing and can often lead to depression. There is no known cause for the disease, but Amanda explains that living a healthy lifestyle definitely helps control it.

After two months of being bed ridden, Amanda realized she wanted to make her own solution by changing her lifestyle for the better. Amanda describes that she not only needed to change her diet to a more anti-inflammatory and gluten free one, but that she also needed to add in fitness. Amanda states that the medicine used to control Ulcerative Colitis causes bone atrophy, and that the best way to deal with this is to build muscle and bone mass through strength training.

Amanda’s new road to a healthy lifestyle inspired her to help those around her who shared similar challenges. She is now coming up on her 5th year anniversary as an owner of Exercise Coach. Exercise Coach is a fitness franchise that is made accessible for anyone. Amanda explains that Exercise Coach is, “a high tech health and fitness franchise. We use proprietary technology that allows us to deliver a full body workout that is custom in 20 minutes twice a week.” Exercise coach is able to measure individuals’ muscular ability so that the workout is efficient. She explains that this simple method delivers measurable results due to the right technology that is being used.

Amanda says that, “at the end of the day you need to take an integrated approach to health and wellness, so by bringing together all of these experts we can provide the whole array of modalities and services that people need to live a long, active, healthy life.” Amanda says it just takes that first step in taking action to live a healthy life.