The 3 Key Elements Of Great Communication

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Chris Widener has been named one of the top 50 speakers in the world and one of INC Magazine’s Top 100 leadership speakers. Since 1986, he’s done close to 3,000 speeches.

Widener has written 20 books including a New York Times and a Wall Street Journal best-seller.

In 2019, he launched a Speakers Academy for people who would like to build a speaking business.

We talked to Widener about public speaking, and how everyone can improve their communication skills and be more effective in both business and personal interactions.

Widener learned from some of the most legendary speakers in the business including Zig Zigler and Jim Rohn. When asked about what he learned from each of them he explains the most important thing was to just be himself.

During this 40 minute Transformation Tuesday interview, Widener shares The 3 Key Elements Of Great Communication. He calls them the 3 C’s:


Widener says, “we are in the most communicative time, but not the most connected. You have to be constant and consistent with your message to break through all of the noise”.  


What is clear to you may not be clear to someone else.  Focus on the things you want people to remember.


Keep your message concise and to the point.   

On a personal note, Widener’s life story and rise to fame is incredible. Growing up, he lived in 28 different homes and went to 11 different schools. He says drugs became part of his life in the 6th grade.

During this interview with Carey Pena, he talks about the transformational moment that changed his life and set him on a path to becoming a world famous Public Speaker and Author. Widener also Co-Hosts The Real Man Podcast with Larry Winget.

Widener is fearless in his pursuit of learning and growth, and he talks about how he has earned and lost millions of dollars. He embraces all of it, just as his mentors, Zig Zigler and Jim Rohn, encouraged him to do.

Chris Widener believes, “We get one shot at life. You don’t get to determine how long you live, but you can determine how well you live.”  

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