Social Media Stole My Kidney with Organ Donor, Amy Donohue and Filmmaker James Pietragallo

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It started with a tweet that read, “Mom needs a kidney.  it would take 2-6 years to get one and she doesn’t have that long.”  

Phoenix Resident and organ donor, Amy Donohue, saw the tweet and decided she wanted to get tested.  After finding out she was a match, Donohue says she didn’t think twice.  She made the decision to donate an organ to the mother of a woman she met on Twitter.  

Crazy?  Not to her.  Donohue felt it was her purpose.  

A movie is now being madAmy Donatinge about that decision.  It’s called, “Social Media Stole My Kidney”.

Donohue, a Comedian and Social Media Manager by trade, teamed up with fellow Comedian and Filmmaker, James Pietragallo to make the movie. They turned to Indiegogo, said to be the largest global crowdfunding & fundraising and made enough money to green-light the project.

Petregallo says he was intrigued.  He hadn’t ever given organ donation any thought before hearing Donohue’s story.

The two traveled cross country, 8,000 miles, talking to people who have become living organ donors.  They were on the road for 21 days for this social experiment turned documentary.  During that time, they also met a young woman who will die if she doesn’t receive a life-saving organ donation.  The movie document’s her mother’s anguish and desperation.  Petregallo says, for him, that was the most impactful moment of the trip.  When it all became “very real”.  

For Donohue, this experience has been life changing. “I value people more that I am close with,” she says, “the connections have to be genuine.  I want to know people on the inside. I got rid of the garbage.”