How Men Use Pinterest. Tips From The Manly Pinterest Guy Jeff Sieh

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Jeff Sieh and dog“It’s not really a social media network, it’s more of a discovery platform.  It’s a place where people go to dream and discover new stuff.”

Jeff Sieh calls himself The Manly Pinterest Guy.

“It was assumed that there were just women on Pinterest.  I thought I would turn it on its head, poke a little fun.”  That’s when got wise to the booming business world of Pinterest.

Sieh says he began to pin frequently and noticed it was driving a traffic to his blog.  Then he worked to define and develop his “Manly” brand.  He grew both his beard and his brand, went retro with his graphics, kept pinning, and became a sought after Pinterest consultant and speaker.  

“If you have a product, any product at all, you should be on Pinterest because it drives so much traffic,” Sieh says, “Now it is the #1 Driver of traffic.  A lot of marketers are noticing, too.”

Sieh makes the point that Pinterest engagement lasts a long time, that it is more evergreen than Twitter or Facebook.  

“I pin a lot of different things,” he says, “I have a board called manly food.  I share a board about bacon.  There are all sorts of things.  You can show people who you are.”

Sieh, who says he tries to keep his content “broadly manly” is capitalizing on a growing movement of men on Pinterest.  

“There are more men on Pinterest than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined,” he says.

Here are a few Manly Pinterest Guy Tips:

-When you follow people on Pinterest, you don’t have to follow all of their boards.  Be specific about the boards you are interested in.  That way you don’t get overwhelmed.

-Don’t just think images.  Pinterest allows you to share audio and video.

-Make sure that your pins reflect your brand.  

-85-90% of all Pinterest traffic, Sieh says, is coming from mobile devices.  Think about how your pins and shares will look on a smaller screen.

-Make sure you are very descriptive with your boards.

“It takes you stepping out a little bit, it’s not always comfortable and easy but you have to just go for it.”  Sieh did just that by throwing himself, and all of his Texas manliness, into what he previously thought of as a woman’s world full of eye makeup and nail polish.

He shared with us one of his favorite quotes, one that reminds him to keep producing manly content and sharing with the world.

“90% and shared with the world always changes more lives than 100% perfect and stuck in your head.” -Jon Acuff.

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He says they are always adding testosterone, “One Pin at a time.”