Six Simple Habits To Transform Your Finances

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When it comes to finances, people need a step by step how to transform. And that is Alisa Glutz’s mission.

“We are not here to pay bills and die,” Glutz says.

In this episode, we outline 6 steps to help you transform using Glutz’s “Color My Credit” method. It’s a method that she teaches nationwide and has written a book about.

(1) Color your bank statements
Pull up your bank statement and categorize with your priorities. Assign a color to each category. Assign one category that are the things you could probably live without.

(2) Figure out your priorities

(3) Pave the path to your perfect credit score
–Designate a “gIve back” card. One card assigned to giving back monthly
–Designate a “be present card”.

(4) Pay your future self

(5) Find an accountability partner

(6) Create a legacy

Glutz says when it comes to finances we get too caught up in the past. She encourages people to go forward.

“The only one that is ever gonna fix it is you,” she says. “As you open your eyes and go through the process of coloring this bank statement, it can be a game changer.”

You gotta start today!