She Lost A High-Profile Job And Gained Hope Former CNN Anchor Daryn Kagan Talks About New Book Hope Possible

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“When I let go of the package that I thought things had to show up in, the dreams came true in ways bigger than I could have even dreamed for myself.”

Former CNN News Anchor Daryn Kagan found herself on a journey that was not of her own doing.  After 12 years as one of the main faces of CNN, she was told her contract was not being renewed.  A shock for Kagan who had excelled in the world of sports and news broadcasting since her 20’s, rising through the ranks of local news to shine at the network level.

Kagan’s friends and family were surprised when she announced that she wasn’t going to pursue another traditional news job.  In fact, Kagan says, she even surprised herself.  It happened after she took some time to reflect and read — mainly self-help books.  

“I saw a line that said: Create What You Seek,” Kagan says.  “I was seeking inspiration.  I wanted to show the world what is possible.”

Rather than allowing herself to sink into an identity crisis, Kagan began to reinvent with a focus on deeper inspiration and meaning.  

“Hope is something that I have been holding on to for a long time.  My story and my life has pretty much reinvented in the last few years.”

Kagan, who has written about failed romances in her syndicated column “What’s Possible”, got married.  She fell in love with a single father, and the first time, Kagan says, she fell in love with more than just career.  Now she was a wife and mom.  “I found what I wanted to do in life, and that is being a caretaker.”

Kagan has continued her inspirational journey, writing books and publishing uplifting and positive stories on her website   

“With time even things that you think are bad, and you would have never chosen, can actually be an opportunity,” she says.  

By writing about her personal journey and all of the uncertainty, searching, learning, and love she experienced along the way, Kagan hopes people will be be reminded: Hope Is Possible.  

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Daryn Kagan and her Family

Daryn and Her Family