Real Talk About Weight Loss | Episode 1: Coping with Life in a Healthy Way

Episode 1: Coping with Life in a Healthy Way

We know obesity is at an epidemic proportion today and for a reason. Managing weight can be difficult – especially on our own – and while coping with stressful and emotional times in our life.

This transformation and weight loss series aims to inspire people to take control.

We talk about:

  • Why/how patients turn to food to cope with problems.
  • What to do instead of emotional/stress eating.
  • Tips for better self-control.
  • How to make a plan that works.

Journalist Carey Pena conducts this round table discussion with the experts from Red Mountain Weight Loss:

  1. Dr. Suzanne Bentz, the Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Red Mountain Weight Loss
  2. Dr. Kim Feinstein, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Weight Loss Specialist
  3. Dr. Shelly Kocher, board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and the Medical Director at Red Mountain.

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