Radio host takes a chance and loses his life savings. How he’s making a comeback.

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“Believe in miracles because they happen and they’re real.” Tim Hattrick says.

Tim Hattrick, KNIX Morning show host, stays positive in the lowest points, even after loosing his entire life savings.

Hattrick started his career knowing exactly what he wanted to do ever since a young age, he wanted to be a radio host. He was a well-known radio personality in the Valley with his co-host and friend Willy, on KNIX. Hattrick and Willy worked together on different shows for about 25 years and had become close friends.

“I can’t believe we had that much success for that long, because we really just had a great time. We were just like two buddies who talked to each other and people seemed to like that.” Hattrick says.

After being at KNIX for 10 years, Hattrick and Willy had decided they would venture out create their own company, using all of Hattrick’s retirement savings. He says it was fun and they could make money but after awhile they decided it was time to pull the plug in 2014. The two friends split ways and Hattrick was left with an empty retirement savings.

“I was never scared.” Hattrick says. “I thought, I’ll find a job.”

Even after loosing it all, Hattrick never gave up on applying to jobs. He applied to 1000 jobs in 4 years. Being humbled by the lack of job opportunities, he decided to take part time jobs such as Uber, Amazon and UPS.

Hattrick was inspired by the stories he heard while driving for Uber, amazed by the capacity of Amazon and was intrigued by his experience at UPS. Hattrick always kept a positive attitude.

“If you kind of keep your eyes open for the interesting and different parts of life around you, it kind of sustained me that way.” Hattrick says.

While on a shift for UPS, Hattrick received an interesting text from the Vice President of KNIX and was later offered a position back at the radio station.

“I knew it was right in my soul and I said I’m in no matter what.” Hattrick says.

Hattrick believes he gravitated to things he liked even though they weren’t his dream job. Using your skills and staying positive can lead you in the right direction.

“I’m inspired by people who made it, lost it all, made it again.” Hattrick says.