Battling ADHD: How Mindfulness Helped an Arizona Mother

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Jane McCann’s son was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD. McCann was seeking a solution that didn’t involve medications.

McCann first learned about mindfulness while in labor for 35 hours without medication. She had to allow mindfulness to overcome her through the harshest of times.

“I have never experienced as much control as I had at that time.” McCann says.

Jane McCann has since taught her son mindfulness to set him up for success in school, work and the rest of his life. Since the time McCann gave birth to her children she has known mindfulness would be a big factor in her life.

“You can tone everything down, you can self-regulate.” Jane McCann says. “Everyone has to regulate with-in the family.”

Jane McCann’s son was showing signs of ADHD in school and after receiving McCann’s son’s diagnosis and seeing the side effects of the prescription, McCann decided to use mindfulness as a tool to help her son overcome obstacles instead of prescription medication.

“There’s 286 known side effects to ADHD medication, that study has just come out.” Jane McCann says. “Side effects are very real.”

McCann says because she didn’t want to use the medication, she couldn’t do nothing. That is where mindfulness comes into play. McCann says you have to be responsible if you don’t use medication, you have to find other ways to find a solution such as mindfulness.

She advises to take a closer look to anyone experiencing signs of ADHD because it could be something else manifesting. McCann says according to research, ADHD is usually a symptom of something deeper.

Jane McCann says her son has learned how his brain works and how he reacts in certain situations because of mindfulness.

Jane McCann says mindfulness is giving back control into the family.