The Power Of Living In The Present with TV Host Brad Perry

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Former TV personality of KUSI in San Diego, Brad Perry, tosses in the towel and begins a new chapter in his journey to happiness. He discusses the power of living in the present, not in the past and not in the future, and what opened his eyes to walk away from a successful career. Being a well-known broadcaster was not all that it seemed for Brad Perry. He explains how easy it became for him to dwell on the past and stress about the future. Brad believes that the biggest problem for most people is looking too much at what those around us have and stressing when we lack it. Brad Perry believes that the power of living in the now is a significant key to happiness.

Brad believed that working hard, going to church, being nice to others, and eating healthy were the right things to do and that by doing them, he was serving as a good role model to his children. After reading a book that his daughter gifted him his journey was set in motion. Then when his son pointed out some of Brad’s personal actions, he decided to do better for his kids, and do some real soul searching. According to Brad, people often struggle with focusing on the past and not living in the present. He states that people walk through many doors in life and that, “when they’re bad doors, we blame it on somebody else, and when they’re good doors, we say it’s, ‘oh I’m lucky’… these doors are meant to be open for you.” He speaks about the life and career he had successfully chosen, but how it was taking him to become a bitter Brad. The negative news he was reporting in his profession began to take a toll on his soul until he decided enough was enough. Brad made a decision to take responsibility for his life, and not knowing what lie ahead, he walked through a new door to a new journey.

Brad quit KUSI and decided to focus on the power of the present. He did not have another career lined up or savings tucked away, but in doing so, he began to do things that made him happy. Brad now dedicates his days to working out, staying healthy, and he continues to read. He discusses three books that were significant in this transition and how they taught him to live in the present, and stop being his own worst enemy. The books Brad owes his new knowledge to are: “The Power of Now,” “The Voice of Knowledge,” and “Broadcasting Happiness.”

In this new journey, Brad Perry hopes to inspire other men to focus on the power of the present. He believes that men need more positivity in their lives, and that it is crucial they learn to take responsibility for themselves. Brad’s biggest emotional impact from this journey has been taking responsibility for his own actions. He now wakes up every day being thankful, being a better person, and having love for himself.