Awaken The Badass: Fitness Expert Tiffany Lee Gaston

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Fitness Expert Tiffany Lee Gaston is all about transformation. She has done it for herself, and now she’s doing it for others. “I really want to see people’s success. That’s what makes me tick.”

Gaston is an author (her first book is From Broken To Badass), speaker, and nationally known fitness expert and model. Since people are always inquiring about how she stays so fit, even as a mom to three kids, she decided to create a course to share knowledge about what has worked well for her.

The course is called Awaken The Badass!

On this episode of Transformation Tuesday, we outline her 5 top tips to transforming and awakening the best badass version of yourself.

(1) Nutrition is key
Gaston lives a paleo lifestyle For her, that led to higher energy levels, smoother skin and better sleep. She allows herself one to three open (or cheat) meals per week. In this interview we dive deeper into what and how she eats.

Also, she does intermittent fasting. For Gaston, it is all about intuitive eating and listening to her body. “There are a lot of ways to cross the finish line,” she says.

Helping her cross the finish line is Bulletproof coffee She drinks a cup each morning with grass fed butter and XCT oil.

(2) Track your meals
“A lot of people are frustrated but they don’t know what they are consuming,” Gaston explains. On average, she consumes about 1800 calories a day. And she pays attention to the macro count in all of her food. As a tool to help us keep track, she recommends My Fitness Pal

(3) Exercise alone will not get you the results you desire
“Everyone should strive to move their body every day,” Gaston says. But she emphasizes how important it is to find out what exercise is right for you. She loves running, but for others it might be yoga, pilates, lifting weights. Gaston approaches fitness as a lifestyle. In her new course she helps people strike a balance where they can get results without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

(4) No one type of diet works for everyone
This is a point that Gaston wants all of her followers to really stop and think about. Having suffered from eating disorders and extreme dieting in her past, she has found a much better way to manage weight – but even more important, maintain health.

(5) Mix it up
Changing your routine every 4 to 6 weeks keeps your muscles memory guessing. We talk about how to do this effectively. Also, Gaston practices daily meditation and personal development to help her stay focused and evolving. She is always trying to function at her own personal capacity.

“Believe in yourself,” she says. “Believe that you are capable of hard things. And chase your passion. Nobody should tell you that you can’t.”


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  • Editor’s note: During this interview, Gaston refers to 90’s supermodel Nikki Taylor having passed away.  This was a misstatement.  Gaston was referring to Taylor’s sister,  Krissy, who died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1995 of a rare, undiagnosed heart condition – aged just 17.