How To Be A Playmaker in Society and Build Community

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Tyler Butler, founder and principal of 11Eleven Consulting, talks with Cary Pena about being fearless and authentic. She helps companies like Microsoft and GoDaddy create more community connection.

Butler is a trail blazer in corporate responsibility.

“It is a full circle view about being a playmaker in society and doing something for the betterment of the world”.

Working in non-profit for years gave Butler the opportunity to see the challenges charities face in the community. It was during that time she saw corporations “making a strategic, conscientious effort towards how they give back”.
A go getter and fearless, Butler was offered a position with Microsoft, a company she believes to be one of the most philanthropic in the world. She became noticed when she he successfully helped Microsoft role out a new program, One Microsoft, designed to give the company a positive presence in the community.

Butler was then recruited by GoDaddy where she reinvented the companies’ philanthropic efforts.

Butler focused on aligning their giving with their business. She launched programs to engage their employees with volunteerism. GoDaddy embraced the programs which offered paid time off for volunteerism, grants and donation matching, fundraising , in-kind support, as well as the support of global efforts. GoDaddy became recognized as the place to work.

Community programs that are launched need to align with your business explains Butler.

Successful companies find something in common between their company values and the mission of each non-profit they choose to align with. Tyler Butler studies company cultures. She knows each company is unique so each program launched should be unique to them.

“Positive sentiment is an authentic part of a good corporate program,” says Butler.

Look at Zappos, who recently partnered over the holidays with Animal Welfare Leagues across the country , and Toms who created a powerful business model with their One for One campaign giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair of shoes they sell.

Butler’s mantra she says is to “live fearlessly”.

Her childhood was nomadic moving every few years. She says her biggest inspiration in life is her mom.

As a working mom, she always found time to be involved with her children. Even though she had a rare heart disease, she has never let her health get her down. Butler says her mom continues to be a daily inspiration for her.
Butler’s mom instilled in her children, “You can do anything you believe you can do”.

This mantra has helped Tyler Butler live fearlessly.

Butler says it is important to choose a cause that has personal meaning, where you have a personal connection.
She most admires Bob and Renee Parsons.

Both live a life of philanthropy. Butler looks at Bob Parsons as a hard worker, successful, driven and someone who lives life on his own terms. She says he gets involved in causes that are close to him.
So what’s next?

Butler is now working with Frontdoors Media as a fashion and society contributor with a focus on where fashion meets philanthropy.

Recently she interviewed American Television Producer, Ally Hilfiger, and Designer Zang Toi who were in town to support the Focus on Lyme Event.

And… Tyler Butler will continue to be fearless saying, “I’m just very grateful. Every day is a blessing. Hard work really does pay off.”