Phoenix Woman Finds Biological Family After 72 Years

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She hired a private detective online and took a leap of faith to find her biological family.

“Within 24 hours I received all of the information on my biological family on my mother’s side,” Darlene Keller-Price explains.  

From there, her story took several remarkable twists and turns.  

Keller-Price ended up locating siblings on both sides of her biological family through and – and all of them were open to connecting with her.

First she met her biological mother’s side of the family in Boston.  Then she connected with her sister, Val, on her biological father’s side.  Later a brother from her father’s side would also make contact.

Keller-Price said she was amazed by the instant connections.  “It’s nature vs nurture.  They are finding out so much more with DNA.  Even with my sister in Boston, we had similarities. We were saying the same phrases.”

This has been an emotional process since the first time Keller-Price searched and, but she feels it has all been worth it.  She and her two sons have built connections with these former strangers turned family members.

Keller-Price didn’t realize that this would be her path.  For many years, she didn’t feel the need to go searching.  Her life was a good one as she was adopted and raised by wonderful parents who she loved very much.  But she had more love to give.

“Once I found all of this I realized there was that piece of my heart that wasn’t quite fulfilled.”

Keller-Price prayed a lot about the journey and taking this leap of faith.  “I think if you feel in your heart it is the right thing, whether it’s a job, a relationship, whatever it is and you know it’s a leap of faith, don’t listen to outside influences.  Go with your heart.”