Phoenix Suns Charities Join The Fight Against Food Allergies

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“We all have a voice. Have the confidence to share it. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Sarah Krahenbuhl, Executive Director of Phoenix Suns Charities and the new VP of Social Responsibility, talks about her fearless style of leadership and how she is using her voice, and her platform with the Phoenix Suns, to make change for thousands of children with food allergies. It’s a personal mission for Sarah since her son’s food allergies are life threatening.

Now three years old, her son had his first incident at just eight months when he reacted to peanut butter. Krahenbuhl called 911.

Since then, she has immersed herself into researching food allergies and wants everyone to know how severe, and dangerous, they can be.

Food allergies are not just a “tummy ache” or a “rash” Krahenbuhl remarks.

There are eight top allergens: fish, shellfish, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, milk, peanuts and tree nuts. All can be life threatening and her son is allergic to almost all of them.

It is reported that over 15 million people have food allergies, and 5.9 million are children under 18. That is roughly 2 children per classroom.

When asked what caused her son’s allergies, Krahenbuhl says she does not have an answer, but she believes through her research, that what we put into our bodies affects our children. It could be from all the antibacterial stuff we use, the baby wipes, the antibiotics given under age of 2 or while pregnant, and so much more.

Her position as VP for Social responsibility means giving back to the community says Krahenbuhl. The Suns have been doing just that since the 60’s.

A self-proclaimed type A personality, Krahenbuhl says she has never been quiet, and is not afraid to lead the charge. She believes the Suns organization promotes social responsibility from the players all the way to the owners,staff and employees, including their resources. They all give back to the “Arizona we love”.

Currently, Phoenix Suns Charities grants about $1.5 million per year to about 115 non-profit organizations that focus on our children and families in need.

And this wonderful organization pulled their team together recently to give back in a big way. Caleb, a young boy fighting a life threatening illness, wanted to meet star player Devin Booker. So the Sun’s owner, Robert Sarver, gave Caleb and his friends his own courtside seats, while all the players, head of player security, and Devin’s own managers worked together to make the night unforgettable.

Krahenbuhl says giving back for the Suns is much more than basketball and money.

They back their employees. The Phoenix Suns Charities has supported Krahenbuhl’s mission by granting funds to the Phoenix Fire Department to help educate First Responders about Epinephrine’s use as a first response. Krahenbuhl believes this will be a life saver since, as she says, “an EpiPen save lives”.

Sarah Krahenbuhl hopes her work, and her platform with the Suns, can continue to help her reach others in her fight against food allergies.

She also hopes her son will one day embrace his challenges and learn to become an advocate for himself, living his life without huge anxieties around eating.

Her message to us is that people can die if food allergies are not taken serious.

Krahenbuhl feels she has to be a voice for her son every day. Right now, she has no choice.
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