Peace. Power. Purpose.

I’m all about peace, power and purpose because it’s a setup to win. Our minds have to get settled and focused, and we have to intentionally seek peace and stillness which is the foundation for building power. We identify our strengths, build on those, and turn our challenges into momentum to win at the game of life, but if we don’t have purpose,  peace and power don’t serve us. We’re guessing in the dark. Purpose and mission lets us regain control, focus, recharge and discover what we were made to do!

My  recent Recharge with Coach Dar event was a day dedicated to the three Ps. Participants walked away recharged and setup to win at life. Together we:

  • Realigned ego
  • Moved toward realizing purpose
  • Felt inspired to awaken greatness within
  • Grew stronger
  • Relished in gratitude
  • Ignited our spark
  • Worked on being the best version of self

Mission accomplished and more to come!

~ Coach Dar  @thecoachdar