10 Million People Paying It Forward

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“10 million lives were impacted for good and I think that is really what we need to focus on.”

Darleen Santore is the U.S. Ambassador for Pay It Forward Day, which is celebrated worldwide on April 28th.  It’s a mission that started 10 years ago by Blake Beattie in Australia.

“I am very blessed to be able to help represent our country, with 79 other countries, and today we all unite for Pay It Forward Day,” Santore says.  “The goal is to unite everyone in kindness and impact 10 million lives for good.”

Santore has been involved in the global Pay It Forward Day effort for several years.  But it’s much bigger than just one day — for her, it is a life mission.

“When you live in that zone where you have created your own personal mission and you could live that every day, it really doesn’t become anything else but that. By living in the moment, you are living in the mission.”

Santore is a board certified occupational therapist and has a background in neuroscience. She believes that we all, to a degree, have the ability to train our minds — and that’s what she spends her days helping people do.  Having worked with a long list of high profile clients, including athletes and music performers, Santore says her mission going forward is to spread her playbook to the masses “in hopes that people everywhere can live their full potential.”

Her personal story is one of heartbreak and triumph.  In her mid-20’s, Santore, then married and looking forward to having kids, suffered a stroke.  She wasn’t able to have get pregnant and ended up later getting divorced.  She had to rethink her own future. And she has done that in a bold way creating an extremely successful career as a Life Strategist, Author, Performance Coach and Motivational Speaker.

“Two things create happiness,” she says, “growth and contribution.”

Santore believes in the power of seeking out your own happiness and paying it forward whenever and wherever you can. “When you are able to share a kind word, actually spend time with someone and be present with them, it could change lives.”

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