Passion Potential and Purpose: Taking It To The Next Level with Life Strategist Tracey Martin

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Tracey Martin is not big on resolutions.  In fact, she is 100% anti-resolution.  Martin, a life strategist based in Scottsdale, Arizona, believes life is a journey and we should never stop.  Not even when a goal is met or a resolution is checked off our list.  

When it comes to that life journey, Martin encourages people to stop thinking so much about the exterior, and start taking better care of what’s on the inside.   It is personal development “beyond the gym”.

“Change the weight to wait,” she says.  As in, “WHAT are you waiting for?”  

It is a spiritual and holistic approach to happiness.  One she says has worked well for her as a busy mom, wife (married for 21 years), and successful businesswoman.     

With her clients, Martin works to develop passion, potential and purpose.  “If those things line up,” she says, “you will find yourself in a really wonderful place.”

For 2016, one area of focus for Martin is helping people to hear their own “self-talk soundtrack”.  You know the one that plays over and over.   “It would be so interesting if we could put a speaker inside our head as to what we say about others, and what we say about ourselves.”

In trying to get people to focus, and change, that self-talk soundtrack, Martin likes to ask people self-reflective questions:

What has happened in your life if you can’t carve out an hour to meet with a friend in need?

What has happened in your life If you can’t pick up your child up from school with a warm smile and a hug?

What has happened in your life if you are short tempered with your spouse and they just walked in the door?

Set yourself up for success not failure, she says.  “Are you with the right group of people to take you where you need to go in 2016?”

It’s good advice as we navigate this new year that brings with it new opportunities to learn and grow.  Most of all, this moment — right now — provides the perfect opportunity to better ourselves from the inside out.

Don’t wait.

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