The Fight To Change Arizona with Angela Hughey, Co-Founder and President of One Community and Co-Chair of Competitive Arizona

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Angela Hughey, co-founder and President of One Community and co-Chair of Competitive Arizona says we shouldn’t see “opposition” when it comes to LGBT equality issues, we should see “opportunity”.   Not just in Arizona, but all across the country.

Hughey’s group, One Community, is focused fighting for non-discrimination policies that they say will make Arizona equal and competitive for everyone. “This will draw more millennials to Arizona, making the economy more sustainable,” Hughey says.  

She also believes the state needs “to address the branding problem Arizona has, resulting from the passing of discriminatory bills.”  

Hughey knows it is going to be an uphill battle in a state that still leans conservative.  

Personal beliefs aside, she explains, “this is about growing Arizona through the retention of top talent”.  The LGBT community, she says, has 884 million dollars of buying power nationwide, and the recent landmark decision that gave same sex couples marriage equality also means “62 to 64 billion dollars of revenue to add to Arizona’s bottom line”.

On any side, “soundbites can keep us from engaging.” They also keep us from growing, Hughey points out. Her focus is “fixing the disconnect” between businesses and organizations who want to do business with the LGBT community.