Don’t Just Change Your Body, Change Your Life

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Felicia Romero - Inspired Media 360 - Carey Pena Reports“Sometimes when you lose weight, you are not necessarily going to be happy at the end of the day.  Don’t just change your body, change your life.”

Felicia Romero, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker, has worked hard to change her life.  She fought food addictions as a binge eater and compulsive dieter for years.  She spent a long time working to better herself — from the inside out.

Romero says she realized that she was consumed by food and how she looked.  At that point she began to focus on internal well being.  She wrote down goals based on who she was as a person.  “After I focused on that internal well being, my body started changing,” Romero says, “I started losing weight, my skin was better, my hair was better, my anxiety and depression started going away.  Living in a constant state of shame and guilt is not good.”

Romero tells clients who visit her at her studio Felicia Romero’s Fit Method  in Gilbert, Arizona  that there is a difference between being motivated and being inspired.  If you are inspired, she says, you have long term goals and a reason to keep going.

She advises people to plan each day, write it down and follow through.  Then take it week by week.  “It gets easier and finally you start to feel better,” she says.  “Each week you set the goals, and accomplish the goals, you are increasing your well being.”

Romero doesn’t have a diet plan to speak of.   She stays away from dairy and gluten and tries to watch her sugar intake.  As a general rule, she likes the Paleo lifestyle which is based on eating meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excludes dairy or grain products and processed food.  Felicia Romero's Fit Method

This fitness expert and motivational speaker is now taking her brand beyond the gym.  As an entrepreneur, she is putting increased focus on trying to help other women in business.  Romero has teamed up with the owner of French Treasure in Tempe, Arizona, to put together a series of Women with Women in Business events.  The goal is to “create a network of women to share support, positivity and love.”  Romero also hopes to bring in speakers who share their knowledge about business success. 

Romero’s words of inspiration for 2016, “Be good to yourself,” she says. “There are so many people who dwell on the negativity.  If you can wake up every morning and say one positive thing, I promise you your world will start changing.”