Motivation To Fight Depression with Bruce St. James

Bruce St. James, radio host of KTAR News, struggled with depression for years before being pushed to find a solution.

St. James’ boss recognized the problem at stake, along with St. James’ co-workers and decided he would not allow St. James back into work until he received the help he needed.

Bruce St. James was baffled by this at the time but later on realized it was the best thing anyone could have done for him. St. James says his boss told him he needed his key to the office because St. James needed to get some help.

“It became a process, where I started to realize why I had those feelings,” St. James says. “As I started to unravel that and unwrap it I started to learn more about myself and some of the ways I could deal with depression.”

St. James says depression is chemical and will always be there but he finds ways to deal with it. He says it’s hard to acknowledge there might be something wrong with you but once you do there are ways to work at it and get better over time.

“You’re going to get over it when you get over it and you’re going to get over it because you have worked to get over it.” St. James says.

St. James says he wasn’t intending on suicide but he didn’t care what happened to his body and did nothing to preserve it during his depression.

“I see the world not through rose colored glasses, I see the world through decidedly dark tinted glasses.” St. James says. “I still have difficulty finding joy.”

It took about 6 months to a year for St. James to be comfortable in therapy. He says different people find different relief from different factors.

“I started to realize I wasn’t alone.” St. James says.

Many people suffer from depression and when St. James started to realize that he wasn’t alone he began to heal. St. James now finds joy in his day to day activities such as racing, radio hosting and volunteering.

“I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and the journey has brought me to that.” St. James says.