More Productivity, More Happiness With Joelle Hadley

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“When our brains are happy, when they’re relaxed and mindful and focused, we perform better.” Joelle Hadley says.

Joelle Hadley-Alexander, President of the Culture Coaches, has all the tips for living a mindful, happy life and shares her tools to maximize the time you have by being intentional.

Hadley had “re-potted” herself as a Culture Coach after being the in the media for many years. The idea of culture came after her father passed. She then began soul searching and realized she wanted to create a great place to work, where work and fun were core values.

“I focused on creating a great place to work. What do the employees want? What do you need for resources? What do you need to succeed? Then I provided it. We worked hard but we had a lot of fun.” Hadley says.

Emotional intelligence is a key in being happy. Hadley explains two main factors of emotional intelligence; Resiliency and Authenticity. Resiliency is the ability to get back up after something really tough and Authenticity being human and being imperfect.

Hadley teaches work places how to be authentic and be less stressful. She says that getting out stress at work helps control impulses. A good way to combat stress and negativity is Hadley’s Four Letter Tip:


S- Stop the thoughts that make you angry.

O- Oxygenate, taking deep breathes. (Hadley says yoga helps her)

S- Strengthen your heart. (thoughts of gratitude, happy places, lowers stress hormones and increases an anti-aging hormone called DHEA)

S- Seek information; ask good questions. (get curious instead of getting frustrated)

Hadley says she is very conscious about doing things that release happy hormones. Creating mindfulness can be made from small moments such as quiet time for a few minutes a day. The little rituals throughout the day, such as taking a break, that build up instead of doing something impulsive.

“You don’t have to move to an island, you don’t have to quit your job,” Hadley says “It’s not a major change in your life.”