How To Have A Mindset Shift with Darleen Santore

Global Pay it Forward Day Ambassador Darleen Santore suffered a stroke at age 25 and had to rebuild her life. She talks about the mindset shift that allowed her to put the pieces back together.

Also in this 20 minute episode of our talk show IN THE MOMENT: Business Coach Gelie Akhenblit tells us the number one thing people are looking for in a date. Columnist Zenobia Mertel checks out the hottest selling fragrance at Nordstrom and the brilliance behind the brand. Master Lifestyle Coach Luke Kayyem encourages us to be fearless. And we meet a woman who gained and lost 100 pounds after surviving cancer.

Show Info:

Guest Co-Host Darleen Santore 
Learn more about Gelie’s journey
Zenobia covers Parfums de Marly
Carey’s podcast can be seen here
David Lux checks out Zinburger 
Master Life Coach Luke Kayyem