Managing Fear By Being a Visionary: Be ICONIC

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Renee Dee recently made a big comeback by launching her new online magazine, ICONIC. When Renee gets something in her head, she is not one to waste time or allow fear to get in the way. Renee is a visionary, she manages her fear through speed. When Renee realizes she wants to do something, she moves quickly and decisively. ICONIC represents her vision.

Renee speaks about the launch of ICONIC and how she had been contemplating the idea for years. One day, the decision was made to release, and she gave herself just 90 days to do so. She says she is not someone who is fearless. But after successfully launching AZ Foothills Magazine years earlier, the expectations second time around were a little higher and a little scarier than before. She chose to “move forward and take action” rather than allow self-doubt and fear slow her down.

In achieving her own goals, Renee says entrepreneurs must be their own life coach. Pursue what you love. Pay attention to your burning desire. She explains that it is important for entrepreneurs to say yes to things that will move your business forward. Renee spells success as, “F O C U S”. She views time as money and refuses to lose it or waste it.

ICONIC represents all that Renee loves – publishing, magazines, telling stories. The name portrays things that are long-lasting and true. Iconic are things that are “done extraordinarily well and stand the test of time”. Renee believes we are all “iconic”, living our best lives, being our best selves. For her, she hopes her best days are still to come and that she is a “work in progress”. As for ICONIC, her goal is for the online magazine to flourish, reaching out and inspiring people to live a beautiful life.