Living An Intentional Life With Stage 4 Cancer Fighter Teri Bode

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Teri Bode, former Cardinals Cheerleader turned second grade teacher, has overcome obstacles of cancer, and fights every day to defy the odds with positivity and living an intentional life.  She says, “Being positive completely changes the way you feel internally and the way you look outside.”

In 2000, Teri Bode was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after surgery she was told it was all clear, but two years later it came back. She had surgery once again and started treatments.  “I was confident with the doctor telling me that was it, and that was it for 10 years, then it got a little crazy in my life,” Bode says.

10 years after her second surgery, Teri had unbelievable aches in her back for weeks, and it wasn’t until she collapsed and became incredibly ill that she went to her doctor.  “I always thought breast cancer was limited to your breasts – a lot of women think breast cancer is limited to your breasts – when you go through this you realize that’s not the case.” Teri Bode says. 

Her doctor told her the cancer had spread to her spine, ribs, collar bone, skull and she had nine compression fractures which was causing the pain in her back. Teri was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that was incurable. 

“When you get diagnosed with cancer it’s a scary thing. When you are told years later that it is growing and spreading, you immediately think, death.”

During her cancer treatments, Bode had double pneumonia and went into a coma for four days. The doctor told her family she might not wake up.

Bode did wake up and she had a new positive outlook – she was ready to fight her cancer head-on. 

Teri Bode navigates her incurable cancer journey through positivity and selfies.

“It wasn’t until I realized and told myself, okay this is my new life now. This is what I’m going to have to do. I’m going to have to take it almost like a job that I’ve got to go to and do what is necessary to work at life and keep going.”

Teri Bode still loves life, she just had to learn to love life differently.  “Life is precious,” she says, “and we need to stop taking the little things for granted.  Take each day as a blessing.”