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Coach Darlene Santore’s (Coach Dar) life was flipped upside down when she suffered a stroke at age 25 but she learned to talk positivity back into her life and now teaches others to do the same.

From the mental game to the physical game, Coach Dar realized she was going to have to start taking the advice she was giving to her patients and apply it to her own life.

After the stroke, finding out she would never have children and later on, a divorce, Darlene Santore fell into a deep depression and numbed her pain through work.

“When I actually stopped, that’s when it hit me.” Darlene Santore says. “From the mistakes I had made, to the trials I had gone through and for the first time I had felt what depression had felt like, I couldn’t get up.”

This is when Darlene Santore realized she needed to turn her pain into purpose and positivity. She received a message on her phone that was a real turning point for her. The message read: God did not put you on this earth to isolate or go back to old ways.

“I got back up and I started going and I’ve never looked back.” Darlene Santore says.

Coach Dar has taught people such as professional athletes and celebrity stylists to move forward and build confidence. She also helps people find their “why” or purpose.

“Your brain believes what you tell it,” Darlene Santore says. “Tell it things that will bring joy and courage and success to your life.”

Looking back won’t serve you, Coach Dar says. Looking back should only fuel you to go forward. Darlene Santore speaks to large crowds and teaches positivity in many different ways.

“I feel grateful because I get to live out my purpose everyday.” Darlene Santore says. “ When you can live in your purpose, it’s the most fulfilling feeling.”