How the CEO of SmartFem Media Group Made Her Dreams Come True – At The Age of 50

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Lea Haben Woodford, CEO of SmartFem Media Group, proves it’s never too late to make your dreams come true.  Woodford began her dream career at age 50. She has had an incredible journey that changed her life.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Lea Woodford had surgery to remove cancer from half of her face. She endured 11 hours of surgery not knowing what was to come.

“I had some pretty dark thoughts, I had a Glock 23 in my closet and it was loaded,” Woodford says. “Right after my third reconstruction I was served with divorce papers and it was just a really dark place.”

Woodford’s business partner, now husband, helped her to re-focus by directing her attention to her business SmartFem Media Group.

“The more I focused the more I realized, even now in 2017, women really have to be vigilant.” Lea Woodford says. “I really found my purpose.”

Woodford’s daughter played a major role in her new found business success. Her daughter called her out, so to speak, and told her she was not being true to the way she raised her. Woodford’s daughter said the columns Lea Woodford wrote were incongruent with her true views.

From then on, SmartFem was created.  It started out as a magazine for women but as the world changed, Woodford says they added video and other tools. SmartFem has evolved into a multi-media marketing agency.

“I have an amazing team and I did not do this on my own,” Lea Woodford says. “As you learn new skill sets and you build your team you find new revenue streams.”

Lea Woodford says her main goal is to help women go further and to help women be more mindful.

Lea Woodford has changed her outlook and perspective on life while writing her book. SmartFem will soon be featured in major airports and luxury hotels.

“Don’t put an expiration date on yourself, I got married at 52,” Woodford says. “I also found the career of my dreams.”