Learning To Trust Your Intuition with Laura Day

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“If you make more choices correctly, you begin to live a life with ease and live with more joy,” says Laura Day, author, intuitive and well respected healer.  Day has worked with celebrities like Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore.  She works with movie studios and big companies who enlist her to help predict the future, as well as people around the world who are seeking to tap into their intuition and improve their decision making.

Day has written 7 best selling books including “The Circle” and “Practical Intuition”.

“The most press I ever got was when I predicted the credit crunch and sold all my stocks,” Day says.  “I got so much press around that.”  But this is not a guessing game.  “Intuition,” she tells her clients, “is supported by logic.  It is the mind’s ability to perceive in a way that we never thought possible.”

Day focuses on accurate, actionable and verifiable information.   “One of the things intuition does is it gives you back the power,” she says.  “This is an ability we all have, lets develop it and use it.”

In this episode of Carey Pena Reports, here is what you will learn:

— How to use intuition so your life runs more smoothly

—What is the one thing you should do before you go to sleep to help you achieve your goals

—How to identify your targets and goals

—The biggest mistake made with intuition that you want to avoid   

—How to rule the world from your couch

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