Inspired Life: Celebrity Auctioneer Letitia Frye

Letitia Frye, Auctiontainer, motivational speaker, author.

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now? My book proposal called, “A Walk in Her Shoes”, and the transition to motivational speaker in addition to auctiontainer.

Show us your work space:


What failure did you learn the most from and what did you learn? I have had more failures than I can count and I consider each of them to be the biggest blessing, as that is where I have truly learned the most. The one the cuts the deepest was my marriage, but it is also how and why I birthed my career as an entrepreneur. Painful but truthfully my greatest growth.

What is your go-­to strategy in moments of self doubt? Exercise, particularly in nature. When I am filled with doubt I tend to challenge myself with a 9 mile run in the mountains. For every mile I pass, I always repeat, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  By the time I am done I am ready to tackle any challenge, no self doubt.

Who or what are you most grateful for? My two children, without them I would not exist. They push me to become better, they nurture me to be softer with myself, energize me in the face of any challenge and humble me in utter grace.

How do you recharge? Once again, nature. Running on a beach, in the mountains, through a new city, just about anywhere outside brings me tremendous calm. Follow that with family time and snuggling with our 4 dogs and I am good as new.

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Favorite inspirational quote: “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Nelson Mandela.

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