IM360 Cause of the Month: Open Hearts Family Wellness

In 1974, Open Hearts began with a dream to develop a new model of community-based services. They meet people in vulnerable situations right where they are in order to build on their strengths, expand their opportunity to cope, and empower them to strive toward a better future.

Open Hearts Family Wellness provides integrated mental health and wellness services. Their model is built on the premise that healing involves the body and mind as one, in the context of our families, communities and the environment. Their philosophy of helping is founded on sound clinical practice, driven by a team-based approach.

Some of the people they help

Grief and Loss
A family – after losing mom in a car accident – learns how to heal through counseling, coaching and support groups. Now they have learned how to manage and release feelings and work together.

After suffering from bullying for over a decade, a teen discovers the root cause and how to heal from depression. Through treatment & engagement, she’s now condent and making good grades in school.

Addiction & Substance
Use After getting in trouble with the law for drug use, one teen discovers how to re-connect with family, school and have sober fun. Through intense treatment and family therapy, the teen has learned how to manage triggers and make good decisions

Open Hearts by the numbers

Take The First Step

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