Z Life: Illuminating the Power of Connection

They’re showing up on doorsteps nationwide. Perfectly sized brown cardboard boxes, covered with a bold and stylish logo that’s playfully concealed in part by the packaging edge. The boxes are inviting without trying too hard, topped off with a rustic, jute twine bow for the ‘open me now’ win.

My box was placed just so, on my door mat eliciting excitement at first glance. Inside, a unique twist on something so basic. My very own package full of tangible items to inspire and create intangible necessary-for-life experiences. A wake-up call to DO LIFE in a meaningful way – the LUMITORY way.

My Lumitory self-proclaimed ‘party in a box’ dropped into my life not long ago. I eagerly awaited its delivery like my children yearn for their daily allotment of electronic time. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when my Gathering Box/Supper Club edition arrived. As I began untying the binding string, I was surprised to feel an unexpected twinge of skepticism—or was it defensiveness, as I carefully lifted the cardboard lid? Why would I need a box full of tools to help me connect with my guests at my own gathering/dinner party? I recall thinking, I’m solid in this department – food, music, decor, friendship – I’m good! But yet there was something so intriguing about this notion of a ‘connection in a box’ that I swiftly showed my ego out the front door and concentrated on embracing my introduction to Lumitory.

What I discovered inside was a creative collection of tools to inspire a true, deep and meaningful connection to fill recipients up in an authentic way. The Supper Club ‘party in a box’ product by Lumitory is essentially a box of items to help throw a good time in the (cleanest) and most authentic way possible. From guides to things to say/ask of guests, to Spotify music playlists, the box was full of tips and ideas. Exploring further, I felt little miss ego start to creep back into my sanctuary as I took stock of my most recent get-togethers. Miss ego reminded me that there is a scientifically proven need for a good ol’ Mama’s Night Out complete with social media pics to of course, show connection happened. Ok. Maybe so however, I was quick to usher little miss thaang out just as quickly as she returned, when I shifted my thinking to: Z, come on, you know that change is good on many levels. Particularly when it comes to conscious connection (total tangent: did Gwyneth Paltrow weirdly come to mind just now? I feel you) with friends, family and mamas in my circle and community. So, for the record, YES! I was game for a more meaningful way to connect with people and Lumitory just delivered a toolbox to inspired me to make that happen.

How? Well, here’s what is in a Lumitory Supper Club Edition box:

  • A gathering guide (think: how-to, from décor to meal ideas) with details for hosting a dinner party
  • A recipe box with creative creations from chefs and mixologist (now we’re talking)
  • Suggested tunes (Spotify playlist)
  • And my personal fave – conversation cards because well, sometimes you don’t want the wine to do all the talking

Overall, the box oozes the promise of memories to be had and is super G rated so families can partake. When my box arrived my fam and I had a mini party session on a Sunday evening to get to know Lumitory better. In addition to the Supper Club box, we received a Kindness Matters edition. Both priced at $36 and filled with happy, happy, joy, joy tools to help turn good times into lasting memories. What I recall from my kids’ reaction that Sunday evening is this: giggles, a little eye-rolling, but then a softening and interest interrupted by hearty laughter as we took turns answering the questions on the conversation cards. Not a bad way to wrap up a Sunday night with my party-of-five.

So, the magic is there but is a company based on essentially connection, kindness and conversation for real? The short answer is, yes. Lumitory is the brainchild of a husband and wife team that came to be after partaking in a social experiment. After saying ‘yes’ to showing up to a weekly gathering with a group of people they didn’t know well, the couple developed the idea to create a company to help people ‘do life together.’ Two years later, Jessica Reinhart and her hubz are living their dream.

Lumitory is web-based and offers a collection of decorative products along with its signature Gathering Boxes in its digital store. With each product sold, a portion of the proceeds go to a Lumitory chosen charity. With Lumitory also positioned as a movement, I must admit that I did find the on-line presence of a company rooted in real-life connections to be a bit ironic. As I dug deeper however, I found an authentic vulnerability in the way the Lumitory team encourages organizational growth through connection. It is 2018, so there’s that too. The company’s IG drew me in as each post is backed up by the company’s mission to DO LIFE in a meaningful way. Lumitory’s on-line journal (think, blog) is clean, fresh and oozes all that’s good in the world including a peek into the personality of the company. The founders tell me more products and collaboration with like-minded organizations is on the horizon too.

I often think back to my fam’s mini Lumitory gathering experience many Sundays ago. As the chief family planner, I strive for meaningful family time as often as possible, as do most mamas. Admittedly, it’s not easy to come by as kids grow right before our very eyes. Reflecting back on our experience, Lumitory certainly lit the way to a positive mind-shift for me when it comes to gathering with my tribe. Change is good! I’m thankful for the ‘party in a box’ magic my fam shared and can’t wait for round deux with those conversation cards. Eye rolls and giggling aside, I’m certain my kids are thankful too.