How Working With Purpose Can Change Your Life featuring former NBC News Anchor Lin Sue Cooney

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Lin Sue Cooney NBC Anchor“I loved my career in TV news.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  It was very rewarding and I loved it.  But life is a book with many chapters.”

For former TV News Anchor Lin Sue Cooney, the time had come, after 34 years in the business, to turn the page.

Cooney says she never wanted her legacy to be “oh she was the gal that read the news for so long”.  She wanted an “encore” career and went in search of something that would give her a deeper sense of purpose.

Cooney shares this desire with a growing number of people who are seeking deeper meaning in their lives.

A recent article in Inc. titled How to Know If You’re Working (and Living) With Purpose outlines four questions to ask in order to discover “your path to more meaningful work”:

Is the work I’m doing exciting and/or satisfying?

What keeps showing up in my life?

Am I using my gifts in service to others?

Is the work I’m doing elevating others in some way?

Cooney identifies most with the question that asks if you are using your gifts as a service to others.  She is.

After leaving the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, Cooney went to work with Hospice of the Valley  Her job is to connect Hospice with the community in a variety of meaningful ways.Lin Sue Cooney NBC Anchor

“I had a yearning to make the world a better place,” she says.  “Every night when I put my head on the pillow I can tell you that we have made a positive difference in families’ lives.”

Cooney describes this next chapter in her life as transformational.  She left celebrity behind for a job that, at this point in her life, brings deeper meaning.

Hospice of the Valley, she says, is like working with angels.  “They really believe that the end of life deserves the same amount of dignity and reverence as the beginning of life — and it does.”

“We are afraid of dying and we don’t like to talk about it.  We live well why shouldn’t we die well?  We are going to help you live the best way you can and make the most of the time you have left.  To have the best quality as you leave this world.”

Cooney made a tough decision walking away from the career she loved for so long.

“I was scared to leave but sometimes you have to listen to the voice.”

Cooney was — and still is — one of the most recognized faces in Arizona, and she’s focused on using her public persona for the greater good.