How To Transform Your Gut With Fitness Pro Felicia Romero

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Years of abuse on the body, extreme dieting, extreme training not really thinking about the body from the inside out left fitness pro Felicia Romero in a dark place.

“I think there were times in my life where the stress, depression, anxiety was so severe it triggered all of these issues.”

Romero suffered severe bloating, stomach pains, and always found herself to be fatigued. What she describes as the tired and wired syndrome.

“I remember waking up in the morning and thinking … I would give anything just to feel normal and healthy. Just to feel good mentally and manage my anxiety and depression.”

In this episode, Romero talks about how she figured out that many of the problems she was having could be traced to her gut. And she shares the 5 steps she took to fix it.

(1) Adding a probiotic to your daily regimen

(2) Do not abuse antibiotics

(3) Fermented foods

(4) Reduce stress levels

(5) Eat less refined sugar

“Virtually 80% of your mental state and happiness is controlled by how healthy your gut is.” Romero shares.

With this interview she hopes to give people the specific tools to take power back in their life.

She goes into each of the 5 steps in detail and also outlines foods that have helped her along the way.

And some recommended reading from Felicia:

“The Owners Manual To You” by Dr. Oz – Books by Tim Ferris: